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2022-03-29 10:00

Time Zone : America/Montreal (EST)
Currency : CAD
Max Bid Type : Turn-by-Turn
Max Bid Registration Start : 2022-03-28 10:00
Max Bid Registration End : Till the end
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100 Head Holstein Purbred

40 Cows:  11EX (7ME), 25VG, 13G & 40 Heifers

the past 2 years as appeared in the Ontario annual DHI

(Lactanet) report for ourcounty.

2020 Stormont

# 3 for Production - 12,680 305 day - BCA 272-276 269 (272.3)

# 1 Herd Management Score - 831 and #1 SCC - 71 

 2019 Stormont

# 2 for Production - 12,216 305 day - BCA 270-273-273 (272.0)

# 1 Her Management Score - 849 and #1 SCC - 83

and many 60, 80 & 100 000kg Production Awards


Contacts: Justin Velthuis & Don Jonhston

Terms And Conditions :
1.At the time you bet, the item is automatically yours until your bet is overbid. 2.The item is sold as is and without warranty. 3.Once the item is sold by auction, the buyer accepts, therefore, the responsibility related to the ownership of the goods or animals, without the possibility of cancellation of the sale. During the auction, when the auctioneer says sold / vendu, please note that it is at that right moment that the item is sold even if someone bid on the internet at the exact same time5.Buyers have 2 days to take possession of their animals 6.Buyers have 10 days to take possession of their goods

Buyer's Fees :
1.As soon as you receive your invoice for the items won, you agree to pay it before you're going to collect your purchases. The procedure for payment will be in the email with the invoice. 2. The seller remains the owner of the goods or animals sold until full payment of these by the buyer. 3.Any unpaid merchandise will bear administrative costs at an annual rate of 24% (i.e. 2% per month) and collection costs will be borne by the buyer. 4. Taxes will be collected if applicable .5.The buyer is responsible for verifying that he leaves the premises with the correct animalss . Otherwise he will have to make the exchange at his expense if an error occurs .

Offsite Terms And Conditions :
Not applicable

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All amounts must follow the increment rules.
Amounts that do not follow the increment rules may not be accepted as a final amount by the auctioneer.

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